2 Guys and a MIKE – Champions League Podcast April 11

11 Apr

The 2 Guys and a Mike crew analyze what transpired this week in the Champions League. They talk about Video replay, Conte’s reality check and is Barcelona reliant on Messi? They also discuss who will advance to the final at Wembley!


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2 responses to “2 Guys and a MIKE – Champions League Podcast April 11

  1. Sage

    April 12, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Even Malaga’s 2nd goal was offside so it’s not necessarily fair to claim Malaga were robbed. They should have controlled the match better after that 2nd goal because the game was in their hands, and they let it slip away.

    But I agree with the fundamental criticism — the reff’ing the the quarters was terrible. Jordi Alba should have been carded in the 2nd leg, the 1st PSG goal in the 1st leg was also offside, Gala had a real penalty appeal for Ramos’s foot stamp on Yilmaz, Borussia should have gotten at least more yellows for the elbowing when they being unsporting were down for most of the match.

    • pserpe

      April 12, 2013 at 7:02 pm

      Yes Malaga definitely need to blame themselves for allowing the game to reach that point, and the final outcome wasn’t really important to the point. It just happens to be such a high-profile occasion. It’s the officiating that needs to be questioned, and the need for goal-line technology that needs to be addressed.

      We’ve discussed Barcelona’s petulance many times before and I’m sure we will again, as well as the other things you mentioned. And ya you’re right about Dortmund, that’s just what every team does when trying to kill the clock, foul when they have to and hold on to the ball.

      Thanks for listening and commenting, we all appreciate the feedback. Stayed tuned for more pods in the future.


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