Hazard 1-0 Ball Boy

23 Jan

Swansea are off to the Capital One Cup Final at Wembley where they’ll take on League Two side Bradford.

The Welsh side protected their 2-0 1st leg victory  at Stamford Bridge with a 0-0 draw at the Liberty Stadium. With what is arguably the best CB duo in the league in Ashley Williams and Chico Flores, Swansea were able to nullify the Blues in the final third where they’re most dangerous.

Williams and Flores were immense as Swansea stayed compact and organized. They broke on the counter when they received the opportunity and managed to weather the storm.

Sadly, hours after Swansea’s triumphant victory over two legs, the world is soaking up another major talking point in the match.

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard was sent off in the 80th minute for apparently kicking ball boy Charlie Morgan. If you missed the incident you can see it here.

Click GIF

Click GIF

Now for those unaware of what a ball boy is:

Ball boy – an attendant, usually a boy or young man, employed to retrieve balls and supply players with them.

Now this wouldn’t be an issue if Mr. Morgan simply gave Hazard the ball, considering that’s his job.

Thanks to our social media friend twitter, we’ve learned that not only is Morgan a Swans fan, he also had other motives tonight.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 7.11.44 PM

Now that we know his intent does it change things?

Possibly not. We do know that this “kid” was wrong. Well he’s a kid to the English media, but any 17-year-old  teenager that tweets their intent of time wasting is in the wrong.

Was Eden Hazard wrong?


He should’ve never attempted to use bodily force towards a “kid.”

Especially in a league that tends to give severe punishments to foreign players.

A red card was harsh, but a fine from the FA would suffice.

If a ball boy refuses to do his job to benefit the team he supports is that not ‘cheating.’ Not to say that Chelsea would make a comeback with 11 men, but it does put a dent in their Premier League campaign with an already thin squad.

Do I blame Hazard?


Hazard tried to get the ball and Morgan refused. Morgan embellished not only the push, but when Hazard kicked the ball.

Yes, Hazard kicked the ball, attempting to get it away from Morgan who chose to lie on top of it.

Hazard had this to say post-match:

“The ball boy came into changing room, we had a quick chat. I apologised & the boy apologised. It is over.”

“Boy put his whole body onto the ball & I was just trying to kick the ball & I think I kicked the ball & not the boy. I apologize.”

Furthermore, a situation that would’ve easily been avoided will cost Hazard a minimum three match ban, courtesy of a 17-year-old boy.

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