Germain Sanchez is Humber College’s Sir Alex Ferguson

09 Dec

Germain Sanchez will go down as arguably the greatest coach in Humber’s history as he reaches a 25-year milestone with the Hawks.


Germain Sanchez marks 25 years. COURTESY HUMBER ATHLETICS

Throughout his illustrious career as coach of the men’s varsity soccer team, Sanchez has led the Hawks to eight provincial titles, three national championships and 10 indoor provincial gold medals.

Sanchez believes it will be very hard to replicate his achievement, but he wouldn’t be surprised if it occurred.

“It has been a great place to work at and with the support and leadership provided by (athletic director) Doug Fox, my fellow coaches can go forever,” Sanchez said.

“I feel that I have achieved what I promised Doug Fox when he hired me. My promise was to resign if I couldn’t build a winning team,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez’ time at Humber hasn’t always been an easy one, as he’s overcome multiple obstacles throughout his career as Hawks coach.

“It hasn’t been an easy ride, every year I’ve had to deal with players with strong and sometimes conflictive personalities, young men that could not adjust to my discipline,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez and his coaching staff realized the challenge was getting his players to play as a team and learn his tactics. Another challenge he faced throughout his career was balancing his family life.

“This job is stressful, time consuming and demanding, but that was because my expectations were always high, I had to be the best,” Sanchez said.

Jason Mesa, a former Hawks player, and now assistant coach believes Sanchez’ ability to work with his staff makes him unique.

“Germain has his tactics, but he discusses it with his staff and takes our feedback so we can get the best out of our players and maximize his tactics,” Mesa said.

Mesa said Sanchez taught him about the importance of having discipline as a player.

“It wasn’t just about keeping our emotions in check on the field and not retaliating, but also being disciplined enough to follow the tactics and coaches’ instructions,” Mesa said.

Not only did Mesa learn from Sanchez as a player, he was also shown that open communication with your coaching staff is important.

“As a coach you can have a vision, but sometimes you may not see it from all angles. Germain taught me that it’s great to work on that vision as a team because great success can be found,“ Mesa said.

Hawks goalkeeper Eugenio Garro, 19, first-year HVAC student, feels Sanchez’s connection with his players and his experience as a coach is vital.

“Germain is a class act on and off the field. Not only does he teach you about the game of soccer, but also on what being a Hawk is all about,” Garro said.

“What better way to celebrate 25 years than with another provincial and national title. It’s no fluke he’s been around for so long, he’s a proven winner.” Garro said.

When asked about stepping down as Hawks coach, Sanchez laughed and said, “It might be a good idea to step aside when you’re at the top, don’t you think?”


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