Farewell Di Matteo!

21 Nov

Roman Abramovich has owned Chelsea for nine years and in that time he’s sacked seven managers, whereas it took Chelsea 62 years to get through its first seven managers since the club was founded in 1905.

In those nine years of the Abramovich-era, he’s accumulated a compensation bill that could exceed £50m and he provides more reasons as to why his football club is an absolute joke.

Roberto Di Matteo who led Chelsea to their first UEFA Champions League crown has been the latest casualty under the Abramovich-era.

Normally I stay quiet in these situations, but I think this is the final straw. Ranieri, Mourinho, Grant, Scolari, Ancelotti, Villas-Boas were all rightfully shown the door, but the sacking of the Italian manager, who’s a symbol of the football club is disgusting.

Of all the managers who’ve suffered Abramovich’s wrath some may argue that Ancelotti getting sacked after finishing second was a farce, but he was losing the plot in the final months of his reign. Fergie out did him and the club was showing no signs of improvement.

Although Di Matteo was likely holding the seat until Pep returns from his sabbatical from football in Manhattan, his sacking is ridiculous. Chelsea currently sit third in the Premier League, and on the verge of being knocked out of the Champions League group-stage, but can we really put all the blame on him?

If Chelsea had beaten Manchester United at Stamford Bridge they’d be sitting seven points clear at the top of the table. Since the loss, Chelsea have failed to pick up three points in the league, and a loss to Manchester City will put them seven points back of the league leaders.

A month ago Chelsea were top of the league and cruised past Tottenham and former manager Andres Villas-Boas. No one could’ve expected this sack, but with Chelsea’s board anything is possible. The demand for trophies won in style is at an all time high, and failure to do so results in your job.

My question is simply this; will Rafa Benitez, Pep Guardiola or Harry Redknapp really solve the problem Chelsea faces at the moment?

Without John Terry, Chelsea’s backline is mediocre at best, and their weaknesses are exposed against topsides.

Can Oscar, Hazard and Mata perform at high levels in a 60+ game season?

Does Chelsea have players in the side capable of filling in for these creative midfielders when they’re injured or need a rest?

Is a midfield pairing of Mikel, Romeu, Lampard and Ramires really good enough?

Manchester City has Balotelli, Dzeko, Tevez, Aguero and Manchester United have Rooney, Van Persie, Hernandez and Welbeck at their disposal. Meanwhile Chelsea has Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge.

This Chelsea team isn’t good enough to compete for the Premier League title, and these holes can’t be fixed overnight especially with the transfer window closed. They’re a club in transition, who are a few pieces away from being legitimate contenders in England and Europe.

Frankly, Di Matteo slowly gave this Chelsea side a new identity, and they were slowly stemming away from the style they played in previous years. The style that relied on midfielders in Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack and Michael Essien and a strong centre-forward in Didier Drogba.

On the bright side, whenever Abramovich has sacked a manager mid-season, Chelsea’s form begins to improve and we’ve seen this with Mourinho-Grant, Scolari-Hiddink and AVB-Di Matteo. Time will tell in whether the new manager will continue the trend, but frankly it shouldn’t matter.

Di Matteo’s sacking was harsh, but it yet again reminds us that in modern day football, results and trophies are what matters.

Stability at football clubs is no longer relevant, because you’re only as good as your last game, right?

But then again what do I know? Sacking the manager that led you to Champions League glory six months ago is normal, I suppose.

Time to sit back and have a chuckle at the laughing stock of Europe…Chelsea.

Tyrrell Meertins

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