Humbers Road To Glory

07 Nov

After suffering two heartbreaking appearances at nationals, Humber earned another chance to claim national glory in B.C. Now I’m not sure if the myth of ‘third times a charm’ is real, but those in the community hope so. This is the final chance for many of the veterans like fifth-year captain Marcelo Capozzolo to win at this level, so failure isn’t an option for these men. An era that witnessed Humber claim three straight OCAA titles is an impressive, but without a national title has Humber really achieved much?

The OCAA over the years has lacked quality and the teams in the province have been mediocre at best. Humber hasn’t won a national title since 2001, and if there were anytime to reach the promise land again it would be now. My map highlights Humber’s road to nationals in B.C. this season. The green soccer men highlight the venues where Humber has been successful. The red ones highlight venues where they have been unsuccessful and the martini glass represents the banquets they have attended.  If you want to know more about Humber’s road to glory, click on the place marks.

View Humber’s Road to Nationals in a larger map
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