Celebration of the day (Suarez 1-0 Moyes)

28 Oct

It was the 2007/2008 Champions League semi-finals, where we saw Didier Drogba slide towards Rafa Benitez after scoring the first goal at Stamford Bridge.

The reason why Drogba celebrated in this manner was because prior to the match Benitez claimed ‘With Drogba it’s important to have a good referee. You can’t do anything [to stop him going down], but I will say it because it was so clear. He is amazing because he is massive [yet he goes down]. It’s very impressive. I have a lot of clips of him from over the years and he surprises me. After four years I expected it. It’s very impressive.’

Four years later, ahead of the Merseyside derby, David Moyes had this to say “I’ve got concerns about Suarez, yes, because he’s got history and these people are very good at it. Last year was a dive, and the referee made a really poor decision that ruined the game after 15 minutes.”

I’m not sure why managers intend to take shots at the opposing teams players, but as history shows it tends to backfire. Not only does it anger the player, it fires them up, and they tend to perform at the highest quality.

Luis Suarez displayed the perfect example this weekend scoring two goals, and don’t think he forgot about Moyes’ comments.


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