Catania Robbed?

28 Oct

Before I write my EPL Weekend recap, I thought I’d let Liverpool, QPR and Chelsea fans know that they weren’t the only ones affected by poor officiating this weekend.

Some of the duties a linesman is supposed to abide by is to inform the referee of substitutions, offsides, corner/goalkicks and determine which way a throw in should go. Unfortunately, this weekend, many officials across the continent failed to complete these duties.

It leaves one to ask, why have linesmen? If these incompetent officials continue to make these massive mistakes, why bother?

Now clearly I’m being delusional. I really don’t think we should get rid of linesman, but if you’re in line with the play and you can’t determine what’s onside and whats off, then clearly you shouldn’t be officiating at such a high level.

Nonetheless, I’m going to stop ranting, because it clearly won’t change the result of any of the mistakes made this weekend. These officials are only human right?

Anyways, Catania lost 1-0 this weekend to Juventus, but overall, they were denied a goal that should’ve counted.

This is abysmal officiating, check it out!

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