Why Journalism?

24 Oct

Every kid that’s grown up kicking a ball in this country has had dreams of playing professional football overseas. Unfortunately, Canada hasn’t been able to provide its youth with opportunities to fulfill their dreams, because their development programs have been dreadful.

I mean I played for some of the top teams at the youth level in Ontario, but I didn’t receive the exposure or the proper training to elevate me to the next level. Leaving Canada without an education wasn’t on my agenda, and a few half scholarships wouldn’t amount to much, so I chose to step apart from the game competitively.

I still play with my club team and should be playing for the Humber Hawks in the winter, but when I was 16 I told myself that I would turn to journalism if I wasn’t playing in Europe or at an elite level south of the border by 18.

Writing hasn’t always been my forte, but my drive to cover every sport and my ability to provide intelligent insights is what caught many eyes. In grade 7, I gave it a try, and I had a few published articles in the Brand New Planet. This is when I found something that I enjoyed, apart from playing soccer, girls and video games.

I pushed writing a side for a few years as I worked hard to pursue my dream, but unfortunately I was unable to get my “big break.” Witnessing many people travel abroad for scholarships or to Europe and come back unsuccessful gave me a wake up call.

Although, I love to play soccer, I also love to write about it and various sports. I believe that my input matters, and I would love to share my insights with the world.  Throughout this program I’ve always wanted to do online or print journalism and I feel that when I come out of this program I will be prepared to face the multiple obstacles ahead of me.

We’re halfway through this program, and I feel that sticking to my tasks, and continuing to showcase my abilities will pay off in the future. I’m not too sure what the future has in store for me, but my goal is to work for a big sports company reporting on soccer, or freelancing for multiple websites and newspapers.

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